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Greetings from the Spiff!
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This is the OS website. Our clan is a good clan that help troubled people. If you would like to join us, read our purpose and click the join us link toward the bottom of the page. Enjoy all the info on this site and use it to your advantage.
Why hello, you have stumbled across our clan.  There is a library of information here about Runescape. Please feel free to look around, you might learn something.
If you are a member of the spiffclan, our site is here

E-mail Maatel, Leader of the clan

6/25/02- Tripod has been evil to me for the past two weeks. They are talking about how our site has used up bandwidth or something. I honestly think that they can sit on their thumbs and rotate.
To counter this problem, I have flamed tripod and made a sister site to support the members of the clan content. This sister site  holds of the spiffclan members' stuff like the boardroom and the purpose page.  It can be found here
6/21/02- I booted two clan members because of their inactivity, mockery of the clan, and most of all, their tendency to PK. I told you all to please help people and not to PK and those two didn't listen. Let this be a message. Goodbye Candy Ma and Ian21. Ian21 has another user and he is still welcome to join. I'm a strong leader and I am not afraid to drop those who don't value this clan.
6/19/02- Another large update. I updated the Prayer, Magic, Fishing, Cooking, and Items/Weapons/Armor sections. They have all been corrected.
On another note, I need members of the clan to start recruiting. The combat level requirement is 30 and unless the character has a 45 in a differant stat, they can't join. We need people whop will help other people, even people not in the clan.
6/17/02- Big update. The site is now member friendly. I added  Thieving, Herblaw, and Fletching sections.  Thanx to Beng529, We have a new map of wilderness and a better world map the includes members sections. I also updated that horrible Monster Analysis page.

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