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Order of the Spiff v2.0
Member Roster


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This is a list of members. We currently have 15 members.

Note: If you joined and are not on the list, e-mail

Jebjoya- from England

Jonathan999- from England

Taylor999- from England

Maatel- from the Eastern USA

Zonia88- from Ontario, Canada

Jek88- from Ontario, Canada

Ian21- from Eastern USA

Ack-99001- from Ontario, Canada

Mistershady- from Eastern USA

Sir Nakean- No clue

Angel3- No clue

Skrimzo- No clue

Mirli- No clue

Iero- Eastern USA

Roughdawg- No clue




4 people must vote for the person. Any person can vote against the member or give only half a vote. There can be negative votes, but only with a good reason.

If you would like for someone to be let into the clan, ask him/her to click the join us link on the homepage.