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Let's now make a quiet fishing environment

Maatel yells "SHUT UP!!!"

 Fishing is the ability to catch fish and other creatures from the sea or rivers and lakes. To use this skill, you need fishing gear - net, pole, lobster pot, harpoon, etc - which can be bought at the Fishing Shop in Port Sarim. The fishing gear you use affects what type of fish you can catch, and you can only catch certain fish at certain levels (confused? check out the table below):

Icon Level Fish Gear used XP Location
1 Gloves Big Net 1 Catherby
1 Boots Big Net 1 Catherby
1 Shrimp Net 10 Any Sea
5 Sardine Rod and bait 20 Any Sea
10 Herring Rod and bait 30 Any Sea
15 Anchovies Net 40 Any Sea
(M)16 Mackeral Big Net 10 Catherby
(M)24 Cod Big Net 15 Catherby
20 Trout Fly rod and feathers 50 Any River
25 Pike Rod and bait 60 Any River
30 Salmon Fly Rod and feathers 70 Any River
35 Tuna Harpoon 80 Karamja/Catherby Shore
40 Lobster Lobsterpot 90 Karamja/Catherby Shore
46 Bass Big Net 50 Catherby
50 Swordfish Harpoon 100 Karamja/Catherby Shore
53 Fire Eel Oily Rod 30 Member Dungeon
(M)76 Shark Harpoon 110 Catherby

  You can catch fish only at certain places. There are places along the coast of the sea where the water seems to bubble - these are places where you can catch saltwater fish (shrimp, Anchovies, and herring). Other places along the rivers near Barbarian Village and Lumbridge have the same thing, and there you can catch freshwater fish - salmon, trout, and pike. You can fish for higher-level fish (tuna, lobster and swordfish) only from the docks of Karamja.

When fishing with a Big Net you have a chance of getting a treasure chest(casket). The casket usually contains a small amount of gp, but rarely a "half a hey"