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Amen Brother!!!


Unlike magic, prayers do not require runes to cast, and they are all personal spells(they also, unfortunately, do not give you XP when you cast a prayer like magic does). Instead, they use the Prayer stat. Each spell has a Drain stat - this is the rate at which your Prayer points go down. The higher the number, the faster they drain. The only way to regain Prayer points is to recharge them all at once by going to an altar and praying. You can build your Prayer score by burying bones. You can also mine some silver to make a Holy Symbol of Saradomin, which raises Equipment Prayer by 8 points. You must get it blessed by Brother Jared in the Cleric's Guild, and to do that you need 31 prayer. The Cleric's guild is on the second story of the Monastery. Monks' robes also raise Prayer (top by 6, bottom by 5).

  Below is a list of all the prayers and a description of each.

Level Prayer name Description Drain Rate
1 Thick Skin Boosts Defense by 5% 15
4 Burst of Strength Boosts Strength by 5% 15
7 Clarity of Thought Boosts Attack by 5% 15
10 Rock Skin Boosts Defense by 10% 30
13 Superhuman Strength Boosts Strength by 10% 30
16 Improved reflexes Boosts Attack by 10% 30
19 Rapid Restore 2x restore rate for all stats except hits 5
22 Rapid Heal 2x restore rate for hits 10
25 Protect Items Keep one extra item if you die 10
28 Steel Skin Boosts Defense 15% 60
31 Ultimate Strength Boosts Strength 15% 60
34 Incredible Reflexes Boosts Attack 15% 60
37 Paralyze Monster Stop your opponent from fighting back 60
40 Protection from Missiles 100% protection from ranged attacks 60

Heal your sins!!!