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Your a crafter? Look no further for help.

Crafting is the skill of making items from clay, gold, silver, and gems. You can make a variety of items, from clay pots to gold amulets.

  To make pots/pie dishes: Get some clay from the mine, and some water in a jug or bucket. Use the clay with the water to make it soft, then use the soft clay on a potter's wheel (there's one at the Barbarian Village). Once you've formed the pot or pie dish, put it in a kiln to bake.

  To make gold items: Get gold from a mine, and smelt it to make a bar. Buy a mold (ring, necklace, or amulet) from the Craft Shop in Rimmington. Put the gold bar in the furnace again. It will ask what item you wish to make, and whether you wish to put a gem in it.

To put a string on an amulet: Get some wool from a sheep. Spin the wool into a ball, then use the ball with the amulet. This works the same with Holy Symbols of Saradomin.

  To cut gems: Get a gem from the mine, or from a monster. All rocks that give ore, and monsters that drop treasure have a 1/282 chance to drop gems. Use a chisel with the gem to cut it.

   To make leather items (gloves, boots, armor): Kill a cow to get Cow Hide. Take the Hide to the tanner's in Al Kharid to get Leather. Use a Needle and Thread with the leather to make the item of your choice. You can now use the same spool of thread for 5 leather items.

To make Capes: Go to Aggie (In Draynor Village) with Dye ingredients (see bottom of page). Use dye with cape.

  Below is a list of crafting levels and what you can do at that level (number in parentheses after the item are XP values):
    1: Make pot (6/7), leather gloves (14) Red, Green capes(2) and Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange capes(3).
    2: Make leather boots (17).
    3: Make pie dish (10/15).
    5: Make Gold Ring (15).
    6: Make Gold Necklace (20).
    7: Make bowl (10/15), Make leather boots (17).
    8: Make Gold Amulet (40), Make sapphire Ring (40).
    10: Make sapphire Necklace (55).
    13: Make sapphire Amulet (65).
    14: Make leather armor (25).
    16: Make Holy Star of Saradomin (50).
    18: Make emerald Ring (55).
    20: Cut sapphire (50).
    24: Make emerald Necklace (60).
    27: Cut emerald (67).
    30: Make emerald Amulet (70), Make ruby Ring (70).
    34: Cut Ruby (85).
    40: Make ruby Necklace (75).
    42: Make diamond Ring (85).
    43: Cut Diamond (107.5).
    50: Make ruby Amulet (85).
    55: Cut Dragonstone (127.5)
    56: Make diamond Necklace (90).
    70: Make diamond Amulet (100).
    80: Make Dragonstone Amulet (150).

   You can also enchant amulets using magic spells. Here are the effects of each:

    Sapphire: +7 Magic.
    Emerald: +7 armor.
    Ruby: +10 Weapon Power.
    Diamond: +6 Weapon Aim/Power, +6 Magic, +6 Armor.
    Holy Symbol of Saradomin: +8 Prayer (note: you have to get these blessed at the Monastery, in the Cleric's Guild).

    Ok, here is your friendly neighborhood cape and dye table. Oh yeah, any cape is dyeable to any color. Each new cape gives +2 Armor.

    Capes Dye(s) needed
    Orange Red dye, mix with Yellow dye, apply to cape(3XP)
    Yellow Yellow dye (obviously) apply to cape(3XP)
    Green Yellow dye, mix with Blue dye, apply to cape(2XP)
    Purple Red dye, mix with Blue dye, apply to cape(3XP)
    Blue Blue dye, apply to cape(3XP)
    red Red dye, apply to cape(2XP)

    For Red, all you need is 3 red berries(they spawn around the Varrock mine, NOT champions guild mine). Take them to Aggie, the witch of Draynor Village. Its not hard to find her, there is (now) always a large crowd around her. To make any dye, you need to pay her 5gp.

    Blue dye is the most expensive dye, and the (as most people tell me) hardest to find. To get blue dye, you need 2 woad leaves(they are stackable) from Wyson, the Gardener of Falador Park. He will ask you for a fair price. You can give hime 15gp, and get a leaf, or offer him 20gp, and he will give you two leaves. Offering 5 or 10gp will get you nothing. Take them to Aggie the witch of Draynor Village.(see RED DYE)

    For yellow dye, you need 2 onions(the only places I know of that they spawn is right above Rimmington, next to the Dragon Quest maze, and behind Fred the Farmers house, near the windmill). Just take them to Aggie,(of Draynor Village) along with 5gp.(See RED DYE)

We are now all crafting a statue of Maatel which will be near the dwarven mine.