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Put Maatel in the oven and mark him with a B

There are literally dozens of different foods and drinks in Runescape, many of which you can make with the Cooking skill. Here is a list of all items that can be eaten/drunk, along with their effects:

    Banana: Heals 2 hits.
    Beer: There are several types of beer, with differing effects:
      Normal Beer (found in Barbarian Village, at most taverns, and as a monster drop): Heals 1 hit, temporarily adds +1 Strength, -1 Defense.
      Rusty Anchor Ale (bought at the Rusty Anchor in Port Sarim): Heals 1 hit, temp. +2 Strength, -2 Attack.
      Asgarnian Ale (bought at the Blue Moon Inn in Falador): Temp. +2 Strength, -4 Attack.
      Dwarven Stout (bought at the Blue Moon Inn): Temp +1 mining and smithing, -3 Attack/Defense/Strength.
      Wizard's Mind Bomb (bought at the Blue Moon Inn): Temp +2 magic, -2 Attack/Defense/Strength.
    Bread: Heals 4 hits.
    Cabbage: Heals 1 hit. Draynor Manor cabbage also gives +1 defense temporarily.
    Cake: Heals 12 hits.
    Chocolate cake heals 15 hits. Both kinds have 3 slices.
    Cheese: Heals 2 hits.
    Cookedmeat: Heals 3 hits.
    Fish: There are many kinds of fish, and each heals a different amount: Anchovies (1), Shrimp (3), Sardine (4), Herring (5), Trout (7), Pike (8), Salmon (9), Tuna (10), Lobster (12), and Swordfish (14). (Yes, I know Shrimp and Lobster aren't fish.) All fish can be cooked over a fire or stove. For more information on how to fish, go to the bottom of the page.
    Kebab: Random effects - usually heals 2-11 hits, sometimes grants +3 to Strength/Defense/Attack, rarely makes you lose hits.
    Pie: Can be eaten in halves. Apple: heals 5 hits per half; Meat: heals 4 hits per half; redberry: heals 3 hits per half.
    Pizza: There are several different kind of pizza also, with different effects: Plain (heals 11), Meat (heals 14), and Anchovie (heals 16). All have two slices.
    Pumpkin: Pumpkins were dropped all over RS by the mods on Halloween in honor of the holiday, and only on that day. They heal 14 hits.
    Spinach Roll: Heals 4 hits.
    Stew: Heals 9 hits.
    Tomato: Heals 1 hit, used to make Pizza.
    Wine: Heals 11 hits, and temporarily lowers attack by 3 (this is cumulative, unlike beer; if you drink 3 jugs, your attack will go down 9 points). Half a jug heals 5 hits and lowers attack by 1.

  Not all of the above items can be made by players. Beer can be bought in any tavern, or picked up at the meadhall in barbarian Village; Kebabs can be bought at the Kebab Shop in Al Kharid for 1 gold; Spinach Rolls can be gotten (rarely) from Moss Giants. Bananas are available only in the Food Shop in Port Sarim and the island of Karamja, occasionally as a drop from ice giants, and of course from the spell Bones to Bananas.

  Below is a list of foods that can be made by players, along with step-by step instructions for making them:

    -Gather some grain (one will do), and take it to the windmill.
    -Drop it in the hopper on the third floor, click "operate," then go back to the first floor and put the flour in a pot. You can put multiple grains in at a time, as long as you pull the lever in between each one.
    -Mix the Flour with Water to make Bread Dough.
    -Cook the Dough over a Range to make Bread.

  Cake: There are two kinds of cake: Plain (level 40) and Chocolate (level 50). Both types are made the same way:
    -Mix Flour, Egg, and Milk in a Cake Tin.
    -Cook the cake in a stove.
    -For Chocolate Cake, buy chocolate from the Food Shop, add it in, then cook.
Meat: Meat can be obtained by killing chickens, giant rats, cows, or bears. Cookedmeat can also be found at the mead hall in Barbarian Village. Rawmeat must be cooked over a fire or on a range to make Cookedmeat, which can then be eaten.

  Pie: There are several varieties of Pies: Apple, Meat, and Redberry. To make Pies, you need a Pie Dish, which can be found in the Cook's Guild, or in a general store. You must be level 10 Cooking to make Redberry Pies, level 20 to make Meat Pies, and 30 to make Apple Pies.
    -Make dough like normal (see Bread, above). Choose "Pastry Dough" instead of "Bread Dough."
    -Use the Dough with the Pie Dish to make a pie crust.
    -Mix in the filling (apple, meat, or redberry) and cook it on a Range.

  Pizza: There are a few different kinds of pizza; plain is the easiest at level 35, then meat (level 45), and anchovie (level 55).
    -Make dough like normal (see Bread, above). Choose "Pizza Dough" instead of "Bread Dough."
    -Buy a tomato and cheese and add them to the pizza.
    -Cook the pizza in an oven.

  Stew: Stew is simple to make and very filling. You must be level 25 to make it.
    -Get a Bowl and fill it with water.
    -Add Potato (from the potato patch near Farmer Fred's house) and Cooked meat.
    -Cook the Stew over an oven or a fire.
  Wine: To make Wine, you need Grapes (found on the second floor of the Cook's Guild), and Water, and you must be level 35. Mix them together to make Wine.

  And now, here for your viewing enjoyment, is a handy quick-reference chart. Pizzas, pies, and cakes can be cooked only in a stove, while everything else (except wine) can be cooked over a fire or a stove. XP values are courtesy of Seaden.

Icon Level Food Heals XP
1 Bread 4 40
1 Meat 3 30
1 Sardine 4 40
1 Shrimp 3 30
5 Herring 5 50
10 Redberry Pie 3(x2) 60
15 Trout 7 50
15 Anchovies 1 30
20 Meat Pie 4(x2) 80
20 Pike 7 80
25 Salmon 9 90
25 Stew 9 120
30 Apple Pie 5(x2) 100
30 Tuna 10 100
35 Pizza 11 110
35 Wine 11 110
40 Cake 4(x3) 120
40 Lobster 12 120
(M)43 Bass 13 130
45 Meat Pizza 7(x2) 170
45 Swordfish 14 140
50 Chocolate Cake 5(x3) 120
(M)53 Lava Eel 14 140
55 Anchovie Pizza 8(x2) 140
(M)80 Shark 20 210
(M)?? Cod 7 75
(M)?? Mackeral 6 60


Turn the oven on and set to 400 degrees...