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Mastermage Maatel? nah...

  One of the skills you gain is the ability to cast magic. To cast magic, however, you need runes. In the above pictures, the spells in yellow are spells that you can cast, and that you have the runes for; spells in white are those that you are high enough level to cast, but don't have the requisite runes, and spells in black are those that you can't cast yet. Runes can be bought at the Rune Shop in Varrock, taken from various monsters, or found at several points around RuneScape:

      Air runes can be found just north of the road running west from Lumbridge Castle and on Karamja, behind the banana plantation;
      Body runes can be found on the second floor of the Scimitar Shop in Al Kharid, in the sewers under Varrock, and Level 6 of the Wilderness;
      Cosmic Runes spawn at the glacier in the far northwest corner of the Wilderness;
      Earth runes can be found in the forest north of Varrock and in the Varrock Sewers, in the spider lair;
      Fire runes can be found in Chasm Mine and in the volcano on Karamja;
      Mind runes can be found in the south tower of Lumbridge Castle and in the sewers under Varrock;
      Nature runes can be found on a small island in the Wilderness - you need Telekinetic Grab to get them;
      Water runes can be found in the Chasm Mine, and at the glacier at te far northwest corner of the Wilderness.

    Greater runes also spawn in the Wilderness, at various points:
      Blood runes do not spawn;
      Chaos runes spawn in the forest in the middle of the Wilderness, and are guarded by chaos dwarves and moss giants;
      Cosmic runes spawn at the glacier at the far northwest corner of the Wilderness;
      Death runes do not spawn anywhere;
      Law runes do not spawn either;
      Nature runes spawn on a small island in the Wilderness; you need Telekinetic Grab(which uses a law rune) to get them.

Here is a list of what monsters drop new runes. This list is far from complete, and I'll be adding to it as I gain more information.

Chaos runes: Barbarian, black knight, chaos dwarf, darkwizard (both), dwarf, farmer, giant, guard, hobgoblin, ice warrior, man, moss giant, pirate, skeleton w/scimitar.
Cosmic runes: Black knight, darkwizard (both), giant, giant skeleton, guard, ice warrior, moss giant, pirate, skeleton w/scimitar, zombie w/axe.
Death runes: Black knight, chaos dwarf, farmer, giant, ice warrior, pirate.
Law runes: Barbarian, black knight, darkwizard (both), giant, giant skeleton, guard, hobgoblins, ice giant, ice warrior, moss giant, pirate, skeleton w/scimitar, white knight.
Nature: Darkwizard (both), dwarf, giant, goblin w/spear, guard, hobgoblin, ice warrior, moss giant, pirate.

   Each rune now has a specific use, also (these are from the RS main page with slight alterations):

    Air, Earth, Fire, Water: Elemental Runes. Magic Staves (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water) also act as unlimited runes of that type. They can be bought at the Staff Shop in Varrock.
    Body rune - Required for curse spells.
    Mind rune - Required for strike spells.
    Cosmic rune - Required to enchant amulets.
    Chaos rune - Required for bolt spells.
    Nature rune - Required for object conversion spells (Alchemy, Smelting).
    Death rune - Required for blast spells.
    Law rune - Required for teleport spells.
    Blood Runes- Required for wave spells.
  Each can be used in varying combinations with other runes to cast spells, as seen on the chart below:

Level Spell name Description Runes needed XP
1 Wind Strike Level 1 missile attack 1 air, 1 mind 22
3 Confuse Lowers opponent's attack 5% 3 water, 2 earth, 1 body 26
5 Water Strike Level 2 missile attack 1 Water, 1 Air, 1 Mind 30
7 Enchant Level 1 Amulet For use with Sapphire Amulets 1 water, 1 cosmic 35
9 Earth Strike Level 3 missile attack 2 earth, 1 air, 1 mind 38
11 Weaken Lowers Opponent's Strength 5% 3 water, 2 earth, 1 body 42
13 Fire Strike Level 4 missile attack 3 fire, 2 air, 1 mind 46
15 Bones to Bananas Changes all bones in your inventory into bananas. 2 earth, 2 water 50
17 Wind Bolt Level 5 missile attack 2 air, 1 chaos 54
19 Curse Lowers opponent's Defense 5% 2 water, 3 earth, 1 body 58
21 Low-level Alchemy Converts items into gold 3 fire, 1 nature 62
23 Water Bolt Level 6 missile attack 2 water, 2 air 1 chaos 66
25 Varrock Teleport Teleport to Varrock 1 fire, 3 air, 1 law 70
27 Enchant Level 2 Amulet For use with Emerald Amulets 3 air, 1 cosmic 74
29 Earth Bolt Level 7 missile attack 3 earth, 2 air, 1 chaos 78
31 Lumbridge Teleport Teleport to Lumbridge 1 earth, 3 air, 1 law 82
33 Telekinetic Grab Takes an item you can see but can't reach 1 air, 1 law 86
35 Fire Bolt Level 8 missile attack 4 fire, 3 air, 1 chaos 90
37 Falador Teleport Teleport to Falador 1 water, 3 air, 1 law 94
39 Crumble Undead Hits Skeletons, Ghosts, and Zombies hard! 2 earth, 2 air, 1 chaos 98
41 Wind Blast Level 9 missile attack 3 air, 1 death 102
43 Superheat Item Smelt 1 ore without a furnace 4 fire, 1 nature 106
45 Camelot Teleport Teleports you to Camelot 5 air, 1 law ??
47 Water Blast Level 10 missile attack 3 water, 3 air, 1 death 114
49 Enchant Level 3 Amulet For use with Ruby Amulets 5 fire, 1 cosmic 118
53 Earth Blast Level 11 missile attack 4 earth, 3 air, 1 death 126
55 High Level Alchemy Convert an item into more gold 5 fire, 1 nature 130
56 Charge Water Orb Charges Water Orb 30 water, 3 cosmic ??
57 Enchant Level 4 Amulet For use with Diamond Amulets 10 earth, 1 cosmic 134
59 Fire Blast Level 12 missile attack 5 fire, 4 air, 1 death 148
60 Charge Earth Orb Charges Earth Orb 30 earth, 3 cosmic ??
62 Wind Wave Level 13 missle attack 5 air, 1 blood ??
63 Charge Fire Orb Charges Fire Orb 30 fire, 3 cosmic ??
65 Water Wave Level 14 missle attack 7 water, 5 air, 1 blood ??
66 Charge Air Orb Charges Air Orb 30 air, 3 cosmic ??
68 Enchant Level 5 Amulet For use with Dragonstone Amulets 15 water, 15 earth, 1 cosmic ??
70 Earth Wave Level 15 missle attack 7 earth, 5 air, 1 blood ??
75 Fire Wave Level 16 missle attack 7 fire, 5 air, 1 blood ??

Spell comments

  Note: This is just what I think/have observed from using these spells. While these are as accurate as I can get them, they might still be slightly wrong, so take it with a grain of salt. Bolt spells will not be included here, since they're mostly self-explanatory.
  All spells (bolts, strikes,waves, whatever) be cast while you are fighting. This includes Teleports, which is handy if you're badly losing a battle.

  Alchemy: Lower Alchemy gives you the amount of money you'd get for selling the item at the general store, while High Alchemy is the price at a specialty store. Obviously, some items will still net 0 gold, like pickaxes.

  Bones to Bananas: Like the spell description says, this converts ALL bones in your inventory into bananas. Very useful when you're low on food.

  Crumble Undead: A bolt spell that does major damage to undead.

  Enchant Amulet: See the Crafting Section for more details.

   Falador Teleport: Teleports you smack dab in the middle of Falador, just south of the fountain and just north of the White Knights' Castle.

  Lumbridge Teleport: Teleports you to the spot where you start the game.

  Superheat Item: If you have an ore, say mithril, and the requisite number of coal, you can use this spell to make a bar without going to the furnace.

  Telekinetic Grab: This spell enables you to get something you can see but can't reach (e.g., beyond a gate). It automatically adds the item to your inventory.

  Varrock Teleport: Teleports you just west of the Armor Shop.

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