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Archery is a very useful technique for combat. Archery is simple, all you need to get started is a bow and arrows.

A crossbow and crossbow bolts will also work.

Wield your bow / crossbow and you're ready. Just attack a target and you will see a small star (your arrow or bolt) fly out and hit the target.

Archery is best when your enemy can't reach you. If you can find a way to shoot arrows or bolts at your enemy without them reaching you, you can easily defeat them without loosing hit-points.

Archery is most successful when fighting in groups. While one player can fight hand-to-hand, the others can shoot arrows or bolts.

Another technique is blocking. Blocking is very successful too, but as long as you don't run out of arrows or bolts.

When you do start shooting, your arrows will collect at the feet of your enemy for you to retrieve later. You might not get all your arrows back after you have killed the enemy.

You can't use archery once your enemy reaches you and engages you in hand-to-hand combat. Then, your player will put away the bow and use fists to fight.

Archery uses four differant weapons, a shortbow, longbow, phoenix crossbow and crossbow.

You can't steal kills unless you do more damage than anyone else.

Me takes a giant bow and shoots Masterc.