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Maatel's Money Maker 2001
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How to Make Money
You don't have to be rich to be good at Runescape but doing at least one of the following is highly recommended.

If you are wealthy in Runescape, you will be able to afford good armor and weapons.

Business #1
Jewelry is one of the highest paying businesses. This can be done along with mining and smithing. To make jewelry, you will need to be able to mine and smith gold (level 40 mining and smithing).

Jewelry is recommended after level 45 mining, 43 smithing, and 15 crafting.

Business #2
A very rewarding business is mining. You can mine, smelt, and then hammer metals to make armor and weapons. This is the most profitable business but is very boring. You will require a pick and hammer to get started. Almost all Runescape players prefer this as their primary business. There are several mines around Runescape.

Business #3
Trading is another well paying business if you play your cards right. There are hundreds of things you can buy or just pick off the ground and then sell in stores or to other players. This business can be combined with Business 2 to earn extra profits.

Business #4
Be a body-guard. Some people that want to go mining, don't want to hold armor or weapons. This way, they can get the maximum amount of ore out of the mine. They will pay people who are willing to protect them from monsters and enemies. The best place will be at the Ice Giants Dungeon.

Business #5
Cooking! You can cook pies, cakes, seafood, and pizzas. The best place to sell them is in the dungeons where people are hurt and desperately need to refresh their health.

Business #6
Be a Rum-Runner! Smuggle rum onto mainland from Karamja.

Business #7
Fishing is a very nice way to make money. It takes awhile to get much profit but it becomes much more plentiful in the long run. Later fish will sell for as much as 200. Each trip will get you at least 2.5k!!!

Bling Bling to you too.