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-Silverlight Quest: Oh no! A demon is going to destroy Misthalin! Some evil wizards reincarnated Delrith, the demon, and only YOU can destroy him!

-Prince Ali: A gang of theives led by the notorious lady Keli has captured Prince Ali, the prince of Al Kharid! Can you save him for the chancellor?

-Spy Quest: The black knights are cooking up a secret weapon, but what could it be? You must find out by getting employed by the white knights and then going on a little spy mission.

-Faladian Sword: A squire has lost his master's sword, a very magical weapon made by the possibly extinct Imacando dwarves. Can you get the sword back for him?

-Doric: A little mining dwarf needs some ore, can you get him that ore so that he can get on with his job?

-Aggie's Potion: A witch needs 4 ingredients to make her potion. Get them for her and maybe you'll be magical too!

-Cooking Assistant: Tomorrow is the duke's birthday, but his cook can't seem to get the ingredients for his master's cake. Can you?

-Pirate's Treasure: An old sea dog has news of a treasure. But getting it might send you down to Davy Jones's locker, or Karamja Islands. Get the treasure, but don't go "bananas".

-Vampire Slayer: A little village near Draynor Manor is being terrorized by a vampire and Buffy isn't there to help! Find the elusive Dr. Harlow and get the materials to kill the vampire!

-Sheep Shearing: A farmer needs his sheep sheared, can you do the job for him? He promises a hefty reward.

-Ghostspeak: There is a ghost haunting a graveyard! Can you get this restless soul to quiet down and get back into his coffin?

-Romeo's Problem: Romeo can't get to his girlfriend, Juliet because her parents won't let him. Can you make a match set for these two? Or will Romeo's absent-mindedness mess it up?

-Pheonix Gang: There is a rare shield gone from the Varrock Museum, two halfs of it have each been stolen by two separate gangs. Maybe you can get it back. But can you survive the street life?

-Ernest's Tranformation: A young woman's fiance has misteriously dissapeared. Can you find him, or are you chicken? Well, maybe the fiance is this time.

-Grayzag's Imps: The wizard Grayzag has summoned imps into RuneScape to steal some beads from the wizard Mizgog. Can you get his beads back for him?

-Goblin's Armor: Some goblin cheiftans are having a dispute over what color their armor should be, can you solve it? Maybe things are always better as they are...

I like my quest names better.